Vehicle Scrapping

Speedie Recycling will buy your junk car and recycle it for you with our vehicle scrapping service.

  • Instant Payment
  • We handle all DMV paperwork
  • Fully licensed and insured Recycler
  • Environmentally responsible company and methods
  • Convenient drop-off or pickup scheduling options

Vehicle Pickup Service

We will send a tow-truck to pick up your vehicle. The price of towing is based on the distance and type of vehicle and is deducted from the payout. We send a check with our tow trucks, and must pick up the title at the same time we pick up the vehicle.

How it works

  1.  By law, Speedie Recycling can only write the check to the name that is on the title. We must have the title at time of purchase.

  2.  The more complete the vehicle, the more money you can get for said vehicle. 

  3.  A “complete vehicle'' is a vehicle that has all its components attached (engine, transmission, axles, catalytic convertor, all four wheels and tires, battery, etc.).