The Speedie Recycling Story

Speedie Recycling was officially opened in 2007. That is the year a scale was put in and a full-time crew was assembled to run the recycling facility. However, the Speedie name in the recycling business has been around much longer than that.

Speedie Auto Salvage was formed in 1976 with just a couple of cars in the middle of a field. Over the years, a couple cars turned into a yard full of them. As business increased, so did Speedie Auto Salvage's demand for vehicles. Insurance company vehicles and the occasional car off the street from an individual weren't enough. We needed to find a way to bring more vehicles in.

A scale was the answer. Implementing a scale allowed us to buy automobiles more competitively by weight; which attracted more customers, and assured a fair price for both parties.  After the scales were put in, inquiries would come in about Speedie buying other various types of scrap metal over the scales. Eventually we started buying steel and other ferrous metals, and with that came the buying of nonferrous metals and the roll-off service that Speedie Recycling has today.

The Speedie Way

Speedie Recycling is a professional scrap metal recycling facility that prides itself on paying top dollar for all scrap metal we have the chance to purchase. We also put extremely high priorities on  safety, providing first-rate customer service, and continually striving to be the best environmentally friendly business we can be. We provide you, the customer, with a quick and easy process within our facility that allows you to turn your unwanted scrap metal into easy money.