Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the title to scrap my vehicle?

Yes, you must have the title to scrap a vehicle.

Does Freon need to be drained in refrigerators and A/C units?

Yes, Freon does need to be drained or there will be an additional charge to do so.

Do I need and I.D. to sell scrap?

Yes, you need a state issued photo I.D. to sell scrap. You must also be over the age of 18, with the exception of aluminum cans.

Does Speedie Recycling offer vehicle pickup?

Yes, we offer a pickup service for vehicles, but a fee will be added depending on the location of the vehicle.

Does Speedie recycling have roll-off containers?

Yes, we offer a roll-off service to industrial accounts. We will also provide a container for individuals with an adequate amount of scrap.

What are your hours?

Our scale hours are 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday. 8:00-11:00am on Saturday

What is the difference between the different metals and their respective prices?

Depending on the type of metal, there can be a various amount of differences and prices. For example, length, thickness, finish, cleanliness, and even chemical make-up can determine the price of that metal. Please feel free to give us a call, and one of our professionals will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.