Prohibited Materials

These materials are PROHIBITED:

1. Explosives or potential explosives of any variety.

2. Non-Metals of any kind, including tires, rubbish, concrete, etc.

3. Flammable materials; especially oil, diesel and gasoline. 

4. Liquids including hazardous (e.g. anti-freeze, paint, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ammonia, mercury) and non-hazardous materials (e.g. water).

5. Corrosive Materials (e.g., lead acid batteries).

6. Radioactive Materials of any type.

7. Toxic substances including Poisons, Infectious Materials, Bio-Hazard or Chemicals.

8. Pressure Vessels (e.g. aerosol cans, compressed gas tanks, fire extinguishers, propane tanks).

9. Containers containing hazardous materials .

10. Residue of hazardous materials including Asbestos, paint, pesticides, PCB-containing materials like capacitors. Materials containing Lead, or Mercury (e.g. fluorescent or mercury vapor lights, thermostats, switches). CFCs like Freon , HCFCs, or non-exempt refrigerant substitutes.

11. According to Ohio Revised Code, railroad scrap.

There are no categorical exceptions to the prohibited materials list. Only where Speedie Recycling has made an agreement to assist in the proper disposal of specific materials prior to their arrival at the facility can these materials be brought onto the premises.