Used part buyers should always ask for a description of any damage including the notes made by the person who evaluated the parts. The thoroughness of damage evaluation and listing varies by seller so it is important the buyer not assume what they see in a part listing is accurate or complete. At Speedie Auto, we work diligently to properly image, evaluate, and document part damage. Parts can acquire more damage in handling or transportation so we make a second evaluation before sending out the parts.

The used automotive parts industry uses the Automotive Recyclers Association damage rating system to evaluate and describe damage. Damage ratings help buyers make decisions in a marketplace where the quality of parts varies along with the price. Damage ratings are comprised of a Type (eg. D for dent), Location (typically clockwise from top left), and damage Amount or size. For example Tailgate – 6D1 would be the code for a 1 credit card sized or smaller dent on the left side of a tailgate. The amount or size of damage is based on either the size of a credit cards(cc’s) or “hours” which represent the approximate time to restore the part to excellent condition (where possible). All damage types are not equal as some types are less noticeable or easier to fix. Most damage is cosmetic but bends, cracks, and lip damage can affect function. 

ARA Damage Codes
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